Davao del Sur: The thrill with Sta. Cruz River Tubing


Sexy legs ei?? LOL

Thirsty for a quick adrenaline rush while in Davao.?  Try River Tubing in Sibulan River in Darong town, Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur. River Tubing is a water sport in which you ride on an inflated tube made out of rubber tires down on a river. It is in my nature to do a little bit of an adventure that doesn’t take too much of my time every time I travel to places.  Having read that there is river tubing in Davao, I included this in my itinerary. Prior to my travel though, I checked with Layak Team for river tubing at Talomo River but they require a minimum of 6 people otherwise we pay for 6. With just me going to Davao and on a limited budget, I opted for the river tubing in Sibulan River instead.

I had 1 day to spare when I was in Davao, I initially planned in visiting General Santos City for their Tuna but didn’t pushed through realizing that the traveling period would take a toll on my limited time. So I made an alternative to visit some areas of Davao del Sur instead. I decided to take a quick peak to Kapatagan, Digos City, Davao del Sur to see the Philippines’ King of all Mountains, the Mt. Apo and to engage into a unique kind of adrenaline rush by achieving River Tubing at Sta. Cruz.

My itinerary for my Davao del Sur Escapade was:

  • 5am-start driving to Kapatagan, Davao del Sur
  • 7am- arrived at Mt. Apo Highland Resort
  • 8am- have breakfast with Mt. Apo’s famous Civet Coffee.
  • 9am- start my half day tour within the area:
  •             I visited: Marawer Hot Spring – Mainit Hot Spring – Lake Mirror- Kublai Khan Art Garden – Agong House
  • 12noon- end of tour since it suddenly rained heavily.
  • 1pm- drove back to Sta. Cruz for my River Tubing
  • 2:30pm- Arrived at Sta. Cruz for River Tubing
  • 4:30pm-back in Davao City


How to get there if you are commuting:

From Davao City, ride a cab or multi-cab to Davao Ecoland Terminal. Get on a bus bound for Digos City. If you’re coming from DIgos City,  just ride a bus going to Davao City. Tell the driver of the bus that you will alight at San Miguel Brewing Company in Darong, Sta. Cruz. After Alighting, adjacent to San Miguel is a small Sari-Sari store where you can inquire about Sibulan River Tubing. This Sari-sari store is located before you reached Phoenix Gas Station.

It was almost 3pm when I arrived to Sta. Cruz from Kapatagan since I visited Mt. Apo Highland Resort first.

I was lost at first trying to find the location. I was entirely dependent on Google Map. I really wanted to try River tubing, I initiated to ask the locals nearby San Miguel Brewery if they would know where I could have my River tubing. Alas! I asked the right people. In that group of people, it was Mang Dudu that I was able to talk to. He and his family are in this business for quite sometime now, he reiterate.

Left my car outside their house and immediately hopped on to their tricycle and off we go to the location.

The river start off point wasn’t that far, this is really intended for people who want to take a quick plunge of adventure.


start off point. Behind me is actually Sibulan River dam that regulates the flow of the river.

Finally reached the spot. I was told that some waters are shallow and some are deep. In cases where my tube flips over due to rapids, I was instructed not to panic since they will save me or pick me up. Well they were 3 of them to guide me, so I’m pretty sure I’m secured.LOL.

watch my River tubing Youtube clip here.….

River tubing is like river rafting minus the paddles. It was definitely something to try on when you’re in Davao. It’s amazing how we are able to invent this kind of thrills.


My expense was P350.00 pesos all-inclusive.  It consists of having your own guide (which is very important), tube rentals, a helmet and motorbike to the river. Whether you’re a solo traveler or with friends, you can take part of this water sport since it doesn’t require any minimum number of people to participate.  I’m glad I went to this place. I tell you, it was worth the fun and adventure!

You may contact Mang Dudu for Faster Transaction:

Mang Dudu, River Tubing Coordinator: +63 908 636 8465

You may actually tell him to meet you in front of San Miguel Brewery to save you time in searching for the place.


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