Chinitoeats: Piere Lotti- an Ice Cream that actually stretches!!


Stretching it up yeah?

“An Ice Cream that stretches? No way!” That was my initial impression when I saw the vendor stretch his ice cream in front of his customers. I was entertained at the same amazed by how far the ice cream stretched.

I came across with this ice cream stall while I was strolling along Dotonburi in Osaka, Japan. This one wasn’t actually listed in my Must-eats in Japan as I was not able to see anything about this being in Dotonburi. I consider it as one of the perks one gets while strolling around the area, killing time. What a treat!

I did not notice it immediately until I saw a man stretch something. I initially thought he was selling a melted cheese-like dessert or something but when I got closer and read the signage, I was instantly in awe. It was ice cream! He was stretching THE ice cream! And I told myself, “What! Ice cream?”. Yes, it’s ice cream alright.

Piere Lotti ice cream wasn’t invented in Japan. It is actually Turkish ice cream. Hence, the name  Piere Lotti  Turkish Ice Cream.


its turkish babeehh..

Every time a customer buys his ice cream, the vendor puts on a brief show before giving the ice cream to you and it was actually fun!

Watch my Ice Cream show experience here. =)

The taste? Well, I tasted the Vanilla Flavor. and I liked it! It was very creamy and smooth.


My Vanilla, my

The vendor also told me that he gets a few Filipino customers. He knows how to say “Salamat po” (Thank you). Hahaha 😁😁. It was a quick chat with him though and I wasn’t able to get his name nor ask what made the ice cream stretch because I was already busy enjoying my treat. Yum. 😋😋

I really do recommend trying this kind of ice cream at least once in your life. It was my first time to witness this unique kind of presentation  in an ice cream and  I did not regret it. I was actually happy that I was able to find and tried this kind of ice cream.

Location: Somewhere in Dotonburi- Osaka, Japan. (just try using your google map when searching for this stall).

Price: 400 JPY

Flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry



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