Chinitoeats: Exotic Foods in Bangkok -Conquered! (A Foodie must Experience)


Scorpions, worms, cockroaches, crickets, locust- we tried it all.!

It was an all or nothing experience. When I decided to have my South East Asia tour in Bangkok. I immediately thought of trying there exotic foods, by exotic I mean the real hairy, black, ugly little creatures. Yep, the creepy crawlies everyone’s been talking about that are abundant in the streets of Bangkok at night.

I’ve been so excited to try these little crawlies that most people doesn’t have the stomach  to even dare taste it. Fast forward, the day came that we arrived in Bangkok. We arrived at around 8pm already from Cambodia. It was a back breaking 10 hour ride. I swear to never do it again. Anyway, I was not able to try these things right away. It was on our 2nd night in Bangkok that I had the time to stroll along Khao San road (the road known to backpackers worldwide) and hunt them out.

You can see them right at the heart of Khao San road around 9pm. They will be displayed in food carts.While you can see scorpion vendor selling at an earlier time  of the day but it is expensive. (be very careful if you are thinking to try one right away as they will try to sell it for 150 baht a piece. Rip off!! Normally, a regular sized scorpion will only cost 50 baht.)


A closer look… Those hair though..Mmmmm 😋

We decided to try a little bit of everything, excluding the huge centipede and the Tarantula. We just thought, we don’t have the courage to try it as it was physically disgusting to look at! “argh! Luora!” (that’s disgusting) as what my friends utter.! Hahaha 😆

We had our plate of creepy crawlies for 100 Baht. We had few pieces of worms,  huge wood maggots, huge Grasshoppers,  Crickets and cockroaches! Are you ready dig in? Excited? more like anxious actually. Hahahaha. 😂😆

Our curiosity peaked when we started sticking one insect in our stick and started munching it.




here goes! Hahah


the faces are just priceless..😂😂

All of them pretty much tasted the same, just like a fried shrimp or crablets with skin on except for the maggot that tasted like cooked pig brain. Yuck! Hahaha  Call me crazy but I actually liked it. LOL😂😆😅😁


It was indeed something to remember and bragged about when people will talk about it. If someone would ask us if we tried it, we would say “been there, done that.” Lakas ng loob lang? haha 😁

One time experience was enough to satisfy our curiosity about the taste of these creepy crawlies. Next time, I will try to have the centipede, maybe! 😉

To all Foodies out there, I challenge you to try one of these exotic foods at least once in your life. You might enjoy it! LOL Have fun grossing out! ahahahha 😁😁😁


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