Thip Samai: a taste of the World’s Best Pad Thai | Chinitoeats

Known as the National Dish of Thailand. Undoubtedly the most acknowledged Thai dish worldwide.

Before I would impart to you my experience of this world renowned dish, it is best to give you a little bit of its history.

How Pad Thai was invented:

Pad Thai has been first introduced in the era of the Thai Prime Minister, Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram in the middle of World War II. During the crisis of World War II, the prime minister tried to create a campaign that drove Thai people to consume there local natural produce, thus Pad Thai was introduced and became the signature dish of Thai foods since then.

Through the ages, Pad Thai are becoming more of a staple food in Thailand that most if not all Thai Restaurants and even street vendors are offering this dish.

There may be a lot of Pad Thai that are available in Thailand, but one restaurant really stand out. This is Thip Samai  or better known as ” Pad Thai Pra-Too-Pee” to Thais, because the restaurant is location along the intersection of Pra-Too-Pee in central Bangkok.

Getting to know Thip Samai:

When Pad Thai was introduced there were few restaurants that caters this food, however, with the neat and delicate cooking method, PadThai Pra-Too-Pee became famous that the Prime Minister itself, who created the name Pad Thai, acknowledges there Pad Thai as the “True Authentic Pad Thai in Thailand”. Occasionally the Prime Minister would invite foreign visitors to dine in at the restaurant to taste there Pad Thai.

Later on, the name Pad Thai Pra-Too-Pee has been changed to “Thip Samai” Restaurant in 1966. With the long history of more than a half a century, they have been standing and walking together with Thai people in every crucial and critical event. The restaurant became famous because they are always meticulous in selecting there ingredients.

My experience:

Arriving late in Bangkok did not stop us from visiting the place on our first night even though we had a back breaking 10 hour ride from Cambodia.

Having a taste on this famous Pad Thai was first in my list. Eager to go there, I asked the owner of our hostel on how we could reach the place.

The restaurant was bluntly a 20 minute walk from our hostel. Aside from we were dead tired, it was raining. But our strong will got us there.

We were greeted by a long queue that was evident outside the restaurant. The good thing though is that there service and cooking time are quick and most customers just sit, dine and leave to give room to others who would want to taste this famous dish.


We waited in line for about 30 minutes before we were given a table. You will really noticed that the place is old but somewhat well maintained. Hanged on the walls are there recognitions and awards in various organizations that made them well-known.


We were then given a English Translated menu.

The thing with there menu is that they do not have many dish to choose from (maybe one more reason why there serving time was quick). Inside the menu was the recommended menu “The Superb Pad Thai”. It is a Thai style vermicelli stir fried in shrimp oil with some beansprouts, tofu, chives and deep sea prawns then delicately wrapped with fried egg which was the one we ordered.

Here’s how it looked. Exquisitely cooked.

The taste was heavenly. We were in Bangkok for 4 days and had Pad Thai every single day in different restaurants and food stalls, but this is indeed by far the best. The noodles itself had a taste, not like the other noodles that we tasted that are quite bland.

Selfie with our food:


I also observed when we arrived is that they use coal fire to fry the Pad Thai which I know brings more flavor than the usual method of cooking.They really do think about the quality of there food and even there way of cooking.

Aside from there famous Pad Thai, there are two drinks you have to try here. One of them is the icy Coconut Juice (30 baht) which is actually a recipe of King Rama 9’s mother. She gave the secret recipe to this shop, to pair it with their Pad Thai. The coconut juice is very very sweet and there is coconut meat in each drink.

Another drink is the freshly squeezed orange juice which was very sweet and refreshing! No preservatives are added, just fresh oranges are used to make the juice. I had the small one(250ml) which costs 90 Baht and the large bottle (500 ml) costs 160 baht. Although they said that the orange juice may vary in price 2-3 times a depending on the oranges they used.



If you’re a foodie like me, it would be best not to miss this when you visit Bangkok, Thailand.

Pad Thai Thip Samai (Pad Thai Pratu Pi) ผัดไทยทิพย์สมัย (ผัดไทยประตูผี)

Address: 313 313 Thanon Mahachai, Phra Nakorn
Hours: 5 pm – 3 am daily
Phone: 022216280

ผัดไทยทิพย์สมัย (ผัดไทยประตูผี)
313 อาคาร บริเวณภูเขาทอง ถนนมหาไชย (มหาชัย) แขวงสำราญราษฎร์ เขตพระนคร กรุงเทพฯ 10200
เปิดทุกวัน เวลา 17.00-03.00 น. (หยุดทุกวันพุธต้นเดือนและปลายเดือน)

โทร. 022216280

How To Get There:

Pad Thai Thip Samai is located in the old district of Phra Nakorn, just a few minutes walk from the Giant Red Swing near Chinatown Bangkok, and very close to the Golden Mountain.

If you go as soon as they open, you can take the Khlong Saen Saep canal boat to the final Panfa Leelard station, exit towards Ratchadamnoen, make a left on Mahachai, and the restaurant will be on your left hand side. Alternatively, you can either take a taxi directly there or a bus. It’s also an easy 5 minute walk from Democracy Monument.

If you happen to buy the tourist sim card for data usage, you may use google Map to locate it.


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