About me


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This is me. The Chinito who loves adventures and travels.

Just a little insight about me. I am Willester Yap, a certified bisaya/cebuano. A Chinese decent,  the youngest in the family, practically grew up in Negros and Cebu. I am a Nurse by Profession an entrepreneur by career an amateur chef and a novice traveler during my spare time.

So here I am making this blog/diary that most people (my friends,relatives)  are trying to tell me to create so that I could share my travel experiences and share it to people.

Traveling could be in luxury and in a budget. Well, I mainly chose the latter if I am traveling alone or with friends.

I LOVE TRAVELING. I LOVE ADVENTURES. I LOVE SEEING NEW PLACES and most of all I LOVE TO TASTE LOCAL FOOD OF DIFFERENT PLACES. This is what my BLOG is all about. As we all know, it is harder to travel if you’re a Cebuano, mainly its because there aren’t not much direct flights (if you’re traveling to foreign countries). But thanks to Cebu’s growing economy, more and more direct international flights are being implemented. In this blog I am going to share to you how I, a Cebuano could still travel with a budget at hand. So go ahead and enjoy reading, it might help you on your next travel/s or make a bucket list out of this. Experience it. Make the most out of it.!


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