A much Serene Malapascua



An Aerial View of Malapascua Island

There are atleast 3 Famous Island Beach in Cebu namely: Bantayan Island, Camotes Island and Malapascua Island. Though all and many others are quite known for its white sand beaches. Malapascua Island is the most serene with budget friendly accommodation, a value for money island tour and not to mention affordable food.

Malapascua Island is a rather unique place. Situated at the tip of Cebu Island. It is known for their diving sites because of the Thresher Sharks that lived there. Aside from that, they are also known for ship wreck diving and/or snorkeling which gives a rather intriguing touch to the island.

We went here with friends last October of 2015 the same time we head for Kalanggaman Island. It was a long trip in order for us to reach both destinations.

1st Day:

Getting there:

Me and my friends rode the 1st trip air conditioned Ceres Liner Bus in North bus Terminal in Cebu at 3am to Maya (north tip of Cebu island) the fare is 180php. Arrived in Maya around 7:30am. That is almost 5 hours of travel. Well, the consolation in riding the first bus trip is that you can have the seats in the bus all for yourself. LOL

After we arrived at Maya, we took a pump boat ride to Malapscua island. Rate is 100php for the pump boat and 20php for the small boat going to the Pump Boat, the reason why there are small boats is that the waters in the Maya port are shallow. When we arrived in Malapascua, we were greeted by some locals who will help you locate your resort or would suggest one if you haven’t reserved or booked one yet.

We checked in at Little Mermaid Dive Resort .  I would greatly recommend this resort as the staffs are very helpful and accommodating. Rooms are okay (we chose the Fan room but later regreted it as it is fairly hot),the rate was 1,500php with free breakfast for 2. F`ood is a good value for its price and they have a Happy hour rate in their cocktail drinks which is 50% off. We tasted almost all of the cocktails and drank all night with my friends.Hahaha . A good resort to stay in.

These locals that I was telling you about, will also try to help you plan for your itinerary around Malapascua.

We took this package which is 1,600/person. The Package includes:
-roundtrip boat to Kalanggaman Island, Palompon,Leyte
-lunch (grilled porkchops and Chicken) softdrinks
-snorkling gear
-island hopping in malapascua island (marine sanctuary,and ship wreck snorkling)
-marine sanctuary fee

The price could have been lowered if there were more people. For the trip to Kalanggaman Island alone is:
1-5pax= 1000php/person, 1250php/pax with lunch.
5-10pax= 800php/person. 1000php/pax with lunch.

Our Experience in Kalanggaman Island: Before It Gets Tainted. Visit the Pristine Waters of Kalanggaman Island. A Day tour Escapade

For the Island Hopping tour it was:
500php/person regardless of how many you are.
they will tour you in 4-5 island hopping spots depending on the time.
-since we lack time we were able to tour only to these areas, —the marine sanctuary and the ship wreck.We were not able to visit Bantigue cove and Lighthouse.
(you may haggle).

All this tour I mentioned happened on our First day.

On our 2nd Day:

We wanted to do biking around Malapascua since it is a small island. However, we were informed that there weren’t any bike rentals anymore which was available before as what we had researched about the island. We were a bit sad that there were no longer available but this boatman came along and suggested to take his pump boat for 500php for the 4 of us or 125php/person. The destination would be the Bantigue Cove and the Malapascua Lighthouse.

We agreed to take the tour since if we rented a bike, it may still be the same price. It was a bit late when we took the tour because we woke up late due to all the booze we drank that night before. LOL . I guess it was around 10am when we took off. We got back at the resort around 12 in the afternoon, ate our lunch and had our check out.  We left Malapascua at 1pm.

A word of advice, if you want to save you some money in your tour, ask a local boatman and haggle for the island hopping tour. Do it secretly so that other boatmen will not budge when you make a deal.

After you arrived back at Maya Port, there will be (V-Hire) vans and Buses waiting for you to hop in.


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