Before It Gets Tainted. Visit the Pristine Waters of Kalanggaman Island. A Daytour Escapade


aren’t you tempted? =)

When I  went there few months back. I confess, it was PARADISE. Few tourists on site, the long stretch of white sand beach with its crystal clear water. It is one of those beaches that I would highly recommend before irresponsible tourists wrecks the beauty of the island. In awe of its beauty, I just can’t fathom thinking of it being destroyed in the future. Just like what happened to Boracay, it is heart breaking that there is little maintenance that is being implemented by the Island especially of the news that came about how the island water is being tainted by harmful bacteria due to lack of proper garbage disposal.

How good is the Island? Take a Look at the Slideshow and tell me if I am Lying:

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Recently, I heard that there are no more boat rides going to Kalanggaman Island from Malapascua Island since the Local Government of Palompon, Leyte (which the Kalanggaman Island is located) prohibited the locals of Malapascua to dock in the island and implemented an Ordinance that to those who wanted to visit Kalanggaman Island they must go through Palampon, Leyte. Maybe the local government wants to provide a quick orientation about the “do’s and dont’s”of the island in order to preserve it.

Kalanggaman Island

An Aerial View of the Island.

Our experience with my friends was, pump boats from Malapascua Island was still allowed to dock in the island. It was last year, October of 2015.


another teaser photo..LOL

How we got there:

Our entry point was Malapascua Island instead of the usual Palompon, Leyte route since our objective was to visit both islands. After we arrived at Malapascua Island, we were greeted by some locals and asked if we wanted an Island hopping tour in the Island. However, we asked them if they offer a tour to Kalanggaman Island since it is our plan to do a day trip of the island. And alas they do, at that time.

Going there was a challenge. In our case, it was an almost 2-hour pump boat ride going to the island.

Price rates to Kalanggaman Island from Malapascua Island was:
1-5pax= 1000php/person, 1250php/pax with lunch.
5-10pax= 800php/person. 1000php/pax with lunch.

Package includes:
-roundtrip boat transfers to Kalanggaman Island, Palompon,Leyte
-lunch (grilled porkchops and Chicken) softdrinks (huge servings)
-snorkling gear

We were only 4 at that time so the price was a bit steep but it could have been cheaper if there are more people on board.

We set off around 10:30 AM from Malapascua Island and arrived in Kalanggaman Island around 10 minutes pass of 12 Noon. By the way, there was an entrance fee of 100php/person if I am not mistaken. You’ll pay it in the island when you dock.

When we got there, we anchored at the far back left side of the island where the long stretch of glittering white sand is located (in my perspective sight which we came from Malapascua. However, if you’re coming from Palompon, Leyte, the white sand bar is at far right side of the island). The sea was calm, crystal clear water with no trace of garbage,algae and seaweeds. It was definitely a mini Maldives of the Philippines,just to compare.

Photo OP began, lots of Beach bumming and swimming while the pump Boat driver prepared our lunch. We had humongous servings of grilled chicken and Pork Belly with lots of Rice, some Ketchup and  Suka-Toyo (vinegar and soy sauce) to compliment the grilled meat and ice cold soft drinks. It was a very satisfying meal in my opinion.


Sun kissed!

We stayed there for a couple of hours and depart the island around 2 PM. We did not stay very late as we do not want to experience a rough ride going back to Malapascua Island as the wave intensifies during late afternoon.

Despite the long ride, it was definitely worth it. I would love to go back there again and do an overnight camping. Yes, overnight camping is also advisable.  Another level of experience as you will be able to do star gazing if the weather is good.

We were back in Malapascua just before the sunset. It was a long-worth it journey.!


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