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I admit, I am not what they call  “the severe backpacker” type. What I meant about being a severe backpacker are those people who just grab their bags and ready to go. Well, I need to prepare,a lot. LOL. When I started to travel both domestic and to foreign countries, I made a habit of bringing a few things with me.

Aside from the usual things that we carry (eg. Passport when traveling abroad, clothing, under garments etc.) I would like to share these items to bring  and I call them “travelssentials” these are the “must have” items to maximize your travel experience.

  1. CAMERA  –  be it a DSLR, a GoPro or your camera phone. All 3 of these are essential to capture the memories of your travel. DSLR is used to capture landscape sceneries with spectacular results. GoPro is a wide angled lens camera to capture the best videos as well covers wide range pictures. Camera phones is the next bff for capturing amazing photos. Well if you noticed DSLR is #1 and in bold capital letters hahaha because I love taking picture and I love scenic shots. I also want to preserve memories to the places I visited. Now I sounded like my travel buddies who never stop taking pictures a step of the way because they always want to revisit the experience.


2. Handy Tripod- I prefer this over a selfie stick because there’s more view to capture rather than just your face. =)

3. Wrist Watch – Time is crucial, especially if you have a tight itinerary and you want everything  on schedule. Yes, you may use your phone or other gadget but this goes without saying that a man with a wrist watch values time and you may use them for other purposes. Just have a good ol’ wrist watch and you’re good.

4. Cellphone/ Handphone – self explanatory, I guess.

5. Wallet with Money- you definitely need this. Promise! *wink LOL

6. Credit card- even if you plan to be on a budget travel,  Still  I  need to bring my credit card in case of emergency (e.g.lost of wallet). Yes, I always separate my credit card from my wallet. I put my credit card inside my Passport Holder Pouch.


7. Medicine- Carry these medicine always: Paracetamol, Neozep, Diatabs, and Citirizine (anti-allergy)


8. Power bank- you don’t want your camera or hand phone to die when you need it the most. I always carry with me my Romoss 13,000MAH with me.


9. Hygiene Kit– You can never be so sure if the hotel/hostels/backpackers inn have the necessary stuff that you personally need. Some inns especially in the Philippines doesn’t have toothbrush or any basic commodities. So, What you should prepare are small bottle of shampoo from your previous classy hotels and just refill it every time you go for an adventure. Even if you’re traveling with a handy carry luggage, you don’t have to worry about the “NO LIQUID POLICY”. As long as it is  50 ml or below of liquid, you are safe.


10. Sunblock!!!- the last but not the least, you just don’t know how important sunblock is to your skin if you’re going out all day. Believe me. You need it. I used this Nivea Sun protect and & white for my skin since it immediately protects your skin without waiting for 30 minutes before you can enjoy the sun,like other sun block in the market that still requires time to absorb and it is non sticky. SPF Placenta for my face.


There goes my top 10 “must have” when travelling. Take note, that it may differ from one traveler to another, However, this things are my personal choice and may differ from one person to another. I made this entry to provide a guide on the things that are important when traveling.


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