Unspoiled Biliran


Sambawan Island

A 3-Day Getaway in an awesome island. Unspoiled and not known to many yet.for starters, I would like to share to you a bit of History about this island. Biliran is an island province in the Philippines located in the Eastern Visayas region. Biliran is one of the country’s smallest and newest provinces. Formerly a sub-province of Leyte, it became an independent province in 1992. although this island the 4th smallest province, it is big enough to explore and witness its grandeur. There’s not much tourist so prices are still friendly and not much entrance fee, environmental fee imposed by local govt. It’s really worth your time to visit this place. People are friendly. Laid back.

Yes yes yes. I will tell you how to get there and our itinerary with expenses.

1st day:

  1. From Cebu. You need to take Water Taxi (we Chose Supercat though there are other water taxis to choose from like Oceanjet) going to Ormoc Leyte at Pier 1. Fare from Cebu to Ormoc via Supercat- 1350 roundtrip.
  2. when You arrive to Ormoc Port, just adjacent to the port is the terminal already so you can hop on directly to a van going to Naval (the capital municipality of Biliran if I am not mistaken). Ormoc to Naval via van (capital Municipality of Biliran)- 260 roundtrip,130/way.
  3. when you get there, there are plenty of habal-habal driver that will try to ask you if you want a tour. Haggle them. ours ended up at 1,000php for the 3 of us for the one whole day tour.

Our tour included the Following:

  • -a visit to the Governor’s house to pet a real live lion and to visit a private mini zoo and to witness the 1 of the only 3 hybrid Liger here in the Philippines.
  • -Ulan-Ulan Falls
  • -Recoletos Falls
  • -Rice Terraces
  • -and lastly, the driver drop us at our resort. We stayed at Agta Beach Resort 3,000php excluding breakfast for 2 nights divided 3 since there were 3 of us so its just 1,000/head.

Hello, Lion. =)

4. We Checked in at our resort and had our Dinner there. You should try their Whole Baked Chicken. Menu prices are reasonable enough so you don’t have to worry.

5. After having our dinner we chilled down by the beach for awhile and head to sleep for a long adventure day the next day.

2nd day:

  • -had breakfast
  • -inquired the resort about their boat rental going to Sambawan Island. It is a small Island with a spectacular view of Mariripi Island and great for Snorkling. And oh, did you know that Samabawan Island is the place where the first Bull shark was sited.? Yes, the other side of this island is a haven for sharks, but don’t worry, the other part is free from them (*wink). Lets proceed, the resort informed us that boat rental is at 3,500php for the day tour excluding lunch, so what we did is that we just bought some junk foods, some bread, and lots of drinks. We did not want a heavy lunch as we planned to have a heavy dinner at the resort. Haha. Up to 8 pax can be accommodated in the boat and we were lucky enough that there were 3 other travelers who were planning to go to the island as well so we just split the 3,500php in to six instead of just us 3. Hahaha How lucky! We depart from the resort around 9:30am quite late actually but you can go earlier.
  • -We arrived in Sambawan Island around 11am. Upon arrival you will be greeted by a caretaker and ask to pay for an  Environmental fee/Entrance Fee. I think it was 100php. Cottage is 500php but we did not get it. We just lay ourselves under the trees.
  • -after that we just did a very relaxing afternoon. Took tons of photos, did some snorkling and just chilled after.
  • -departed from the island around 2:30pm as we do not want to experience a heavy current once it gets late. After we departed,we had one stop on an island with a small cave. We did not stay long though as the current was quite strong already.
  • -got back at the resort around 6pm. Had Dinner, chill at the beach again and hit the sack.

3rd day:

  • -breakfast around 8am
  • -we contacted our driver to have a half day tour to Tinago Falls. Another must-see waterfalls in Biliran and the only waterfalls with entrance fee which is 50php. As well as giving us a ride back to Naval since our resort is around 30 minutes away from the capital. Our agreement for the price was 800php for the whole trip for the 3 of us.
  • -had our lunch at Naval already at a local Carenderia which our driver suggested.
  • -departed from Naval back to Ormoc at 2:30pm as our schedule ticket from Ormoc to Cebu City is  at 8pm. By the way its around 1 1/2-2 hours travel time from Naval to Ormoc City.
  • -After we arrived in Ormoc, we just stroll around the City for a bit and head to the port.

Tinago Falls

Below will be the run down expense of my travel.:

  • -Fare from Cebu to Ormoc via Supercat- 1350 roundtrip.
    -Ormoc to Naval via van (capital Municipality of Biliran)- 260 roundtrip,130/way
    Resort-stayed at Agta Beach Resort 3k for 2 nights divided 3 since we are 3 so its just 1,000/head.
    -Boat rental tour to Sambawan Island- 3,500 good for 6 people  so approximately 600php/person.
  • -Meal Allowance- 800php for 3 days.
    -Biliran tour (includes 4 waterfalls,the rice terraces and the mini zoo) -1,000 for 3 pax thats around 350php/person
  • -Pasalubong allowance- 150php
  • -3rd day Biliran half day tour -800php for 3 pax. around 270php/person
  • -Tinago Falls Entrance Fee P50.00

Total:  4830.00

–any questions/quieries feel free to comment or contact me.



2 thoughts on “Unspoiled Biliran

    • You should go there before it becomes touristy.hehe. Actually the lion wasnt caged when he was still a cub but as he grows older,although he still tends to just play,but because of his size and strength,visitors got hurt.thats why duringg the day they caged him but released him at night. Thats what the caretaker shared to us. Let me know what you think about the place when youre done visiting the place. 👍🏻

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